Face (in) the Mirror
       (y)our eyes don't see (y)our face




Thank you for your interest in Face(in)theMirror!  

Explaining, once and for all, what Face(in)theMirror is and what it is relevant for, is probably impossible, but therefore not an excuse not to undertake it.  In my numerous attempts since its conception in 1998-2000, I am always discovering new ways to look at it and possibilities to re-draw it in an alternative, often more complete, way.  

Again, in this context of writing the content for this new website, I have been struck by new insights and amazed by the manifold faces that the project has and produces from a an idea, all too simple.    

It is my wish to share some of this amazement and wonder through this website. Maybe it can inspire and stimulate you to also ‘face the mirror’ and re-draw that ‘Face in the Mirror and Mind’, in a conscious and loving way.  

Face(in)theMirror is an invitation to -once again, see aims- create an external representation of our imaginary face and then to re-draw this self-image along a progressive trajectory of interactive  encounters. In each of the encounters, the face is externally (re)presented in a different way (as a shadow, mirror-reflection, the image of you by the other; see format).  

As a metaphor for (the Postmodern paradigm of contextualized) meaning, a ‘shadow’ is for its own meaning transparent for the context in which it is used (a ‘shadow’ doesn’t project a ‘shadow’… ; see background).   Like a shadow, Face(in)theMirror is also pure outline, a format, which gains meaning, only from the realization or application in a context.

Over the years, Face(in)theMirror was realized in a variety of contexts, so that its meaning became enriched in a corresponding way. For an overview of contexts in which Face(in)theMirror was realized and/or in which it is relevant, see contexts).  

Face(in)theMirror has been in constant (research and) development , due and in reaction to new contexts, external challenges and internal insights. Therefore I would like to welcome all suggestions, comments, questions, proposals, invitations , … , to find new  opportunities to realize the project and/or to continue with the development of it  (see services and contact).  

In the following pages I invite you to learn more about Face(in)theMirror.

Kind Regards,

Nelson Hoedekie



Face(in)theMirror animation (made by Evelien Hoedekie, used for an installation - exhibition for JES vzw 2008)

Face(in)theMirror introduction video (made in 2005 and used for the exhibitions in SMAK Gent & Stellenbosch Art Gallery, South-Africa - doesn't include the glass plate portrait phase)